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Benefits of Getting a Dental Implant

 Being short of a few teeth or losing them can be a big problem for most people out there. Until the development of modern dental implants, people used partial dentures to bridge the gap left behind by the missing tooth. And even though dentures may help in resolving the pain and uncomfortable sensation of a missing tooth to a large extent, they don’t prevent the consequences of a missing tooth. This major problem is –

Bone loss

The teeth and jawbone are both essential for maintaining complete oral healthcare. The jawbone holds down the tooth by securing its roots while the tooth makes it stable.

After losing a tooth, the part of the jawbone that held it in place becomes obsolete and starts to deteriorate. This can cause significant changes in the facial appearance and make you look aged and sunken. The adjacent teeth begin to lose their stability because of the decrease in bone density. This will cause the other teeth to tilt further and become crooked. This will all result in a painful oral system. You wouldn’t want to show your teeth to people around you.

The solution

The best way to prevent this from happening to your teeth is to get a dental implant in time. They help solve the problem of bone loss since they replace the entire tooth from crown to root. The post of a dental implant is made of a biocompatible metal, such as titanium, and it fuses with the jawbone to prevent bone deterioration. It acts exactly like a natural tooth by stimulating the jawbone and keeping it stable, thereby holding adjacent teeth in place and preventing them from shifting.

Dental implants last long

Even though dentures may offer a temporary solution, they don’t prevent your jawbone from deterioration. They also don’t even last very long and should be seen as a temporary solution.

A dental implant would fuse with your jawbone in roughly four months. And after the fusion happens, the implant would last you a lifetime with little to no maintenance. Even though the crown part of the implant is susceptible to being damaged like the crown of any natural tooth, it can be quickly and cheaply replaced. And the post would last your entire life.

Now, you know the advantages of getting a dental implant, but you should know that where you get it from is essential. You can try getting it from Santé Dentaire Globale, one of the leading global dental clinics on dental implants. Their implantologues or implantologists are very skilled and will take good care to make your implant experience go smoothly.

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