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Few Facts that should be Known About Dental Implant before Getting One

When a tooth is lost, an implant can be the best decision to replace it. An implant is a small titanium screw that replaces the root of a missing tooth, which is inserted in the gap and left there to heal for three to four months. After healing, the patients visit the dentist to get a crown fixed on it. This titanium implant helps in supporting the crown that has been customized in the shape of your missing tooth.

After decades of research, various techniques, and models of Dental Implants have been introduced. Patients don’t need to worry about the type of material being used because every company uses the best material to retain their reputation in the market. However, it is said that to date titanium alloy is the only material that is safe because it prevents any kind of infection.

Research says, in the last 25 years, dental implant surgery has delivered a high success rate. It is said that once the implant surgery is successful, it lasts for more than ten years. Dentures too have its importance, but implants can help you in doing many other things –

  • It helps you chewing naturally because it holds the same power as your original tooth. It helps you brush, floss and eat in the same manner as you did earlier.
  • As discussed above, dental implant can last for a lifetime. Since it is prepared of titanium which is accepted by human body therefore, there are no chances of rusting or infection.
  • Loss of tooth can lead to sagging of jaw bone, which also damages the structure of jaw line. Replacing empty space with dental implant helps in keeping all teeth in their position.
  • Missing tooth gap generally act as a place for bacteria because food gets stuck there and it is difficult to remove it because it pains when you brush that area. If you have a replacement, there will be no gap left for cavity or gum infection.
  • Missing tooth leads to bone loss which further leads to facial sagging. With age, your face sags more and wrinkle formation is faster. To avoid looking old before time, dental implantation is the best solution.

Confidence is the best answer to all your questions after dental implantation. It allows you to eat whatever you want. There is no fear of denture coming out while biting an apple. You can smile without any hesitation. However, you should meet your dentist frequently to ensure that everything is fine.

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