Reasons to stop ignoring your mental health – Why it should be your first priority

Whenever you suffer from cough and cold, you don’t think twice before popping a pill or setting an appointment with your doctor. But when you don’t seem to shrug off those endless worries or that sense of hopelessness which you constantly feel, you do nothing apart from just plugging in your headphones and believing that nothing is wrong. This is the ultimate reason behind the dire state of mental health disorders in the US where around 1 among 4 adults suffer from untreated mental disorder. If you are one of these people, perhaps you should seek help from counselors and online therapy companies listed on sites like

What are the reasons behind taking care of your mental health? Why is it said that you shouldn’t ignore your mental health ever? Here are few reasons.

Reason #1: Better mental health leads to better physical health

You can’t deny the fact that there is a very strong connection between your body and mind. When you’re in physical pain, your family life and work will be affected and you might even not be eager to do the activities that you otherwise love doing. This can lead to anxiety, stress or depression. Just as physical problems can lead to mental stress, mental disorders can also affect your physical health.

Reason #2: Financial stability and improved productivity

Due to your dependence on disability income, leaves of absence, los potential of earning and higher costs of mental health, people who have untreated mental health disorders might face noteworthy economic struggle. There are some who might end up foreclosing homes, declaring bankruptcy after they try hard to manage their mental illness.

Reason #3: Less stress on the household

Mental illness sets an impact on families and also on the family members. The offsprings of people who suffer from mental illness will be at a greater risk of neglect, abuse, emotional and behavioral issues. Since they fail to look up to their parents for assistance, they usually isolate themselves from the society or their friends. Loves ones usually report monetary strain as their psychological issues are a result of their mentality.

Reason #4: A happier and longer life

As per a study by the British Medical Journal, people who suffer from even the mild health issues will definitely have a low life expectancy. Those who have higher levels of anxiety and depression had risk of death which increased by 94% and most often due to heart diseases.

Therefore, when you’re all set to ignore your mental health, take into account the above mentioned reasons so that you can motivate yourself to stay mentally fit.

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