Save yourself from Conjunctivitis (Pink eye) by Taking these Precautions

Conjunctivitis which is also commonly known as pink eye is an eye infection which is quite common among kids. However, it is also contagious so there are chances that adults and teens can also suffer from this disease. Although it looks bad when somebody suffers from this infection, this problem is treatable, as it is considered a minor infection. Pinkeye is triggered by bacteria which are also responsible for other infections like cold, sinus, sore throat and ear infection.

Conjunctivitis is inflammation of transparent thin tissue that covers the sclera. This inflammation makes blood vessels in eyes more apparent and it appears reddish, which is the reason that this infection is also called pink eye. Here are the symptoms of conjunctivitis –

  • Itchy and burning eyes.
  • Continuous discharge that stick to the eyes causing irritation and trouble in visibility.
  • Swelling of eyes.
  • Always feeling of obstruction in eyes as if some foreign object is interfering.
  • A small lump or enlargement in the ear on lymph node.

There are different viruses and bacteria that can be a cause to pink eye or allergies to dust mites, pollen, animal dander or molds can also be a reason for this contagious disease. When a person suffers from irritation or redness in eyes, he or she should be immediately taken to ophthalmologist. After certain eye examination, they are able to provide proper medication to treat the kind of infection spread in eyes. Eyes are most precious, delicate and important part of the human body and therefore it is obvious that we should take proper care of it. Instead of trying home remedies, check with your ophthalmologist to get confirmed.

Here are few ways that can help you to prevent this disease from spreading in your eyes –

  • If you have come in contact with a person who is suffering from conjunctivitis, then wash your hands with disinfectant and lukewarm water immediately after you touch that person. This is the finest way to keep the germs away.
  • When you’re outside you might not get soap and water everywhere, hence use a sanitizer which can be carried to any place.
  • Prevent yourself from rubbing or touching eyes.
  • If you’re suffering from conjunctivitis, then you should keep your eyes clean by using damp cotton and remove all sticky discharge around your eyes.
  • Avoid sharing any products with anyone like pillow, blanket, clothes, cosmetics, towels etc.
  • After you’re free from infection so that you don’t infect your eyes again, you should change your contact lens case and clean your lenses properly.
  • Avoid using any product on your face during that time so that you don’t have to discard expensive items.
  • Keep your hands and eyeglasses clean with sanitizer.

Pink eye is painful because it obstructs your clear vision and you aren’t able to bear light. For days, you have to take precautions and also have to tolerate itchiness and burning eyes. Therefore, avoid getting this infection to save yourself from all this trouble. Visit us for more information on low eye pressure symptoms.

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