Cleansing Is the Basic Routine for a Clear Complexion and Blemish Free Skin

There are many cosmetics in the market with different ingredients in it. Most of the cosmetics contain harsh chemicals that are harmful for skin. Frequent use of harsh chemicals can lead to dry and itchy skin. Also, these cosmetics are bad because it ages your skin quickly.

There may be times, when skin doesn’t look fresh. Even though you wash it properly with face wash, your pores look unclean and dull. Cleaning your face with face wash isn’t enough even though you wash it for 30 seconds. When you clean your face from dirt, pollution or makeup your pores open up and start breathing.

Instead of using harsh chemicals it is good to use facial cleansing oil, they are safe, affordable and natural. These natural oils are extracted from jojoba, coconut, olive, almonds etc. They not only help in removing makeup and dirt, but also nourish and moisturize your skin with natural oil.

It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, cleansing oil blends with natural excreting facial oil. When you rinse off your face, the cleansing oil removes dirt and bad oil with it. When you massage natural oils to your skin, the impurities on your surface are removed without clogging your pores. Once you clean your face with face wash or water, it leaves your skin soft and hydrated.

Here are few benefits that can explain the purpose of cleansing oil –

  • As discussed above, it maintains the balance of oil in your skin and also removes dirt properly.
  • Cleansing oil easily removes makeup from face and eyes without harming your skin or irritating your eyes. Its natural oil content mixes with oil present in makeup and dissolves easily.
  • Plant oils also work as antioxidant, which treats damaged radicals and prevents anti ageing. The oil is absorbed by skin to give a supple feeling and healthy look.

  • They are natural, away from harsh chemicals and derived from plants therefore, they can never be harmful.
  • Since it removes dirt nicely and doesn’t clog pores therefore, chances of acne are less.
  • Oil has good amount of fatty acid that hydrates and moisturizes your skin.

The best way of using cleansing oil is by pouring little amount of oil on your palm and massage it smoothly on your skin. It slowly merges with the makeup and excess oil on skin. Then wipe it away with a clean cloth or damp cotton swab. We recommend cleansing oil not because it is natural, but also affordable, as most of the oils are also available in your kitchen.

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