Gain Back Your Natural Glow Using Facials and Witness an Instant Upliftment of Your Mood

A regular skin care routine helps in maintaining a well-hydrated and healthy-looking skin. Though there are face-care rituals that can be done at home, once in while it is best to leave it to professionals. It is beneficial for our skin to get a facial once a month. There are facials that cater to every skin type. People opt for facials for various reasons.

There is oxygenating treatment, derma-calm treatment, anti-ageing treatment and firming treatment. Facials are also about relaxing and relieving stress. The massage improves blood circulation and detoxify one’s skin. A professional facial is not about helping you to just relax. It is about reviving your skin. If you are looking for a spa Rive-sud, check online to know about the best options.

The basic steps of any facial:

  • Consultation: Each facial starts with a general consultation with the aesthetician. You would likely be asked questions about your diet, skin concerns, water in-take and the face products that you regularly use.
  • Preparation: You would be asked to change into a warp provided by the spa. Some spas let you take off some of your clothes and place a sheet covering you.
  • Cleansing: Your hair is wrapped using a headband to prevent it getting in the way of your face. Your face and neck are gently massaged with a cleanser. This is done to remove dirt and traces of makeup. A facial sponge or cloth dipped in warm water is used to wipe away the cleanser.
  • Skin-analysis: Your cleansed skin is now analysed by your aesthetician. She determines your skin type and sees if your skin has suffered skin tan or dehydration. Appropriate products for the following steps are chosen depending upon the analysis.
  • Exfoliation: A scrub or exfoliating cream is used to get rid of dead skin cells. In some spas steam is used to open the pores and loosen whiteheads and blackheads.

  • Extraction: Black heads develop when the pores the clogged by dead skin cells or oil. This process is used to get rid of blackheads. This process could get uncomfortable for some due to their pain tolerance and their skin type.
  • Massage: This is the favourite part of everyone who is at the receiving end of facial. The person’s face, neck and upper body are massaged. It helps you relax.
  • Mask: A mask that is suitable for your skin type is applied. The mask stays in for 30 minutes to an hour.

Your face being exposed a lot reveals signs of environmental stress and ageing. Treating yourself to a facial makes you feel beautiful and boosts your confidence.

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