Keep Makeup Application Safe

When you think of makeup you seldom think about health. That is until you have an infection from poorly cared for makeup brushes or old makeup. When makeup is applied to the skin the first step is washing the face but this alone does not remove all the bacteria that could be hidden in skin pores. When you apply makeup to the face that brush could pick up harmful bacteria. Later when that same brush is “double dipped” into the makeup the bacteria is spread.

Bacteria is Always Around

Most of the time this is not a big deal as bacteria is around all the time and our immune system does a good job of taking care of it, but once in awhile it gets out of control and the problems begin. They can be seen as a tiny rash, red spots or even what looks like a swollen eye. Most of the time they disappear in a day or two but sometimes can require a costly doctor visit and medication.

Prevention is Easy

The best way to prevent this is to use fresh makeup. It does not have to be brand new but the rule to go by is replaced every 90 days. This seems to keep the growth of unwanted bacteria in check. The second step and most important is washing all of your brushes with soap and hot water. You want to clean all the strands and not just the surface. Even better would be to purchase a special makeup brush cleaner that is an antibacterial solution. Elf has one that is around $3.00 and is popular with makeup professionals.

Where Do You Keep Your Brushes?

Usually, if you have your makeup professionally applied storage of brushes is not a concern. Most artists keep them in a makeup kit away from the elements. For those applying daily at home, especially at your bathroom counter storage can be a concern. Open brushes in a bathroom kept too close to the toilet are subject to spray when flushed. You can’t feel it or see it but the swish of water pushes up both air and vapor that can deposit nasty stuff on your brushes. It is best to keep them in a closed container. This is true for anything kept in the bathroom. Keep it covered!

For the Professional

Another health aspect of makeup application is the position a professional must stand to get the job done. Many use bar stool style chairs so a tall client might be at a perfect height while a shorter client may require you to bend over just a little. This extra bend can cause back issues and if you are doing this day in and day out the situation can become chronic.

A Easy Solution

The best solution for those who apply makeup in a salon atmosphere is to purchase a hydraulic makeup chair. It works the same as a salon chair but is much higher to start with. This height adjustment allows you to place the client in the perfect position every time. Proper positioning can prevent pain and discomfort and make your day go by a lot faster.

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