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The Correlation Between Sleep and Weight Loss

There is an undeniable connection between getting enough sleep and losing weight. Sleep is necessary for the body to function at its best, so it is only logical that it has an effect on the rate at which individuals lose weight, if at all.

Sleep Has More Control Than You May Realise

A good night’s sleep is defined as at least seven hours of sleep per night. That’s quite a lot when you consider how few people actually get these hours in every night. So it is no coincidence that many people struggle with both their weight and getting enough sleep, because there is a correlation between the two.

Any medical weight loss doctor will tell you that the sooner you get more sleep, the better. This is due to the fact that it can put some of your weight loss challenges aside and even improve sleep disorders you may have, like sleep apnoea. Sleeping better will help you lose weight and losing weight can in turn help you sleep better.

Sleep, Calorie Burn and Fat Cells

Sleeping burns between 50 and 100 calories every hour. Even one night of sleep of only 4 hours is enough to make the body more insulin resistant, which increases the chances of weight gain and diabetes.Fat cells carry this grogginess with them in the event that you do not get a good night’s rest. This results in you suffering from “metabolic grogginess” after as little as four nights of insufficient sleep.

When you are sleep deprived your body’s ability to use insulin properly diminishes. This insulin resistance causes fats to circulate in your blood instead and pump out more insulin. The excess is stored as fat, often around the liver which can cause(a dangerous)Fatty Liver Condition.

Lack of Sleep Influences Your Weight Loss Decisions

You should prioritise sleep for your general health and for your weight loss efforts. What we have seen time and time again is that despite intervention from weight loss doctors is that people suffering from sleep deprivation make more irresponsible weight loss decisions. This is due to the fact that your cravings will increase due to your insulin processes being interrupted and you will likely be too groggy and tired to go to the gym and opt for a pizza in front of the TV instead.

This is not to say that getting a full night’s sleep will magically turn you into a supermodel, but there are undeniable correlations between sleep and weight loss you should be aware of. For your overall health and weight loss efforts, hit the hay. If you are struggling with weight loss find a medical weight loss doctor in your area to start your weight loss journey today.

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